Reasons for using 3D Tours

Set yourself apart

Stand out amongst your competitors, by using cutting edge technology to give your clients more information and flexibility. Let our innovative technology impress your prospective clients. Have a 3D virtual display of your properties ready to show when discussing options with clients.

Boost listings

Very few agencies are using 3D virtual tours combined with their promotional material. Home owners can not say no to this new technology as it provides purchasers with the opportunity to view and explore the residence in outstanding quality without having to be there, therefore boosting your listing probabilities.

Create immersive experiences

With a 3D virtual tour, potential buyers can walk through your client’s property step by step stopping as required to examine in detail, from the convenience of their desktop or hand held device at any time and from any location.

  • Explore 3D Space

 We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation, ensuring we stand apart from our competitors and more importantly give our clients the best experience possible.

How it Works


The time frame required to create a 3D tour can take up to three days from when the time of the job is locked in with us. Within this period your client will need to prepare the property for scanning, decluttering the interior and tidying up the exterior to make the property look its best.


We will need up to three hours for scanning. We require two days after that for processing and editing the images. The 3D virtual tour will then be ready for uploading to all forms of social media


Viewing the 3D virtual tour is simple. Click the play button, then the contact details of your agency is displayed while the program is bring loaded. Various viewing options such as the show reel, floor plan, dollhouse view, and social media links are then available to click onto.

Tour Viewing Options

3D Scenes

A 3D scan covers both the interior and exterior of the property, the camera has the ability to capture images from floor to ceiling. Once edited, you will be able to view the entire space with the choice of a walk through or still frames. A viewer can stop in any room/location and use the zoom tool to further investigate the property.


The interactive dollhouse feature allows the prospects to zoom in and out in any location they desire, switch between different floors and levels, and view stairway transitions from any angle.


The camera's ability to scan and measure distance enables the technology to produce a 3D floor plan to scale with a 95% tolerance.


Quality photos can be produced from any angle within or outside the property or venue. These quality photos can be used across many social mediums.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality takes the sense of immersion to the next level. The audience of your tour is able to view the property through a set of goggles, blocking out surroundings and enabling high quality vision.